Hasegawa | Soft Cutting Boards - Pro Lite



Introducing the new and improved Pro Soft Lite boards. Same incredible durability, same edge protection, smaller size and more affordable. 

The Pro soft Lite models use a lighter binding to still ensure the no warp style of the boards to further reduce the weight and make it much more accessible in a home kitchen.

Hasegawa Corporation from Chiba, Japan make some of the worlds best cutting boards. A lightweight, soft non-slippery surface gives you longer edge retention with your knives and more precise cuts.  

With a wood core to prevent warping, these are some of the best boards for use in a professional kitchen. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Periodic use of the pink Hasegawa board scraper is great for re-surfacing and deep cleaning the cutting surface.

These are the best thing to cut on, period. Now in a more home friendly size.

Cutting board scraper also available.

Pro lite boards qualify for free shipping. Enjoy. 


Small  39cm X 26cm X 2cm
Medium Size  46cm X 26cm X 2cm
Material  Rubber / Wood Core
Maintenance  Dishwasher safe / Non-abrasive cleaning


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