Hario | V60 Buono Kettle - Electric



Hario needs no introduction in the world of coffee.

The Buono is, in our opinion, the industry standard in stove top gooseneck kettles. Stainless steel design, lightweight and a gorgeous flow. The Buono is our go-to kettle for coffee.

The electric version is just so clean and easy to use. Simple tactile buttons, no fuss, right to what matters - your brew.

Fast heat up time and incredible pour, not much more to ask for. The pour is incredibly easy to control with just a turn of your wrist. Nice long spout for those perfect blooms.

Adjustable in 1C increments or one touch (set button) for a fast 100C boil. Temp holds for 15 mins before idle shut down safety feature kicks in.

Designed for the cafe, fantastic at home.

Made in China.


Use  Water only 
Material  Stainless Steel / Phenol Resin Handle
Power  AC 100v / 50 - 60hz - 900watts
Capacity  min 300ml - max practical 800ml
Dimensions  300mm X 190mm X 195mm


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