Hario | Mugen V60



Hario is synonymous with the world of coffee. And the world famous V60 is probably the king. Although available in many many variations - these are probably our favourite. Matte black (everything), durable, stylish, and a cup of coffee only a V60 can produce.

The V60 Mugen is the beginner's dripper. Designed to be used with one single pour to learn the art of pourover. The unique shape allows for a slower draw down time in order to maximize the contact time to with the coffee without a fussy recipe.

Perfect for travel or on top of our favourite unbreakable Kogu servers.

Use with Hario V60 V2 filter papers or the incredible fast flow Sibarist papers.

Although fine in the dishwasher, hand washing is always recommended. 

Made in Japan.


Use  Pour Over Coffee
Material  Resin / Plastic
Capacity  2-3 cup
Size  V60-02
Weight 50 grams


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