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Hario Cupping Spoon - Tetsu Kasuya



Created by World Brewers Cup 2016 winner Tetsu Kasuya in collaboration with Hario. A well shaped and rounded cupping spoon - our personal shop fav.

By keeping visual information as clear and undisrupted as possible, the use of the right cupping spoon is paramount in tasting clarity and texture of the coffee. The Tetsu Kasuya cupping spoon is coffee tasting at its finest.

**These spoons are degsigned to be used with coffee cupping only. Please refrain from using with cooking / high temps /oil etc as this may strip the coating.** 

Hand wash is always best.

Made in Japan.


Collection Coffee
Use  Cupping / Tasting
Material  Matte Black Stainless Steel
Care  Handwash for best results
Size  Total Length 160mm/ Bowl Width 40mm / Bowl Depth 10mm
Weight  46 grams

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