Halo Dripper Stand



Introducing the Halo Dripper stand. 

The Halo comes to us from Shiga Prefecture in Japan from the husband and wife team of Mr. and Mrs. Hatsumoto. Using their skilled crafts, this stand is handmade using natural materials. Halo blends the use of metal and wood to convey warmth and strength. Not only fuctional, but beautiful - exactly what we love.


Nothing beats a great pour over. Clean, crisp and refreshing. Perfect for a cold Toronto winter morning. Works incredibly well with most drippers, but our classic matte black hario v60 is our got to. Classic.

Use on or off a scale.

Please note - due to the wood grains, product may not be exactly as shown. Periodic oiling will prolong the life of the wood.


Material  Bent metal / oak base
Dimensions  10.5cm X 10.5cm base / 15cm total height
Clearance  13cm
Opening  8cm X 7cm - fits most drippers
Weight  250grams


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