Graycano Coffee Dripper



Introducing to Canada, the Graycano Coffee Dripper – the epitome of precision and elegance in your coffee brewing experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sleek and modern coffee dripper is designed to elevate your coffee ritual.

Constructed from high-quality, durable materials like aluminum - the Graycano Coffee Dripper boasts a stylish matte black finish that not only adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen but also complements any aesthetic. The minimalist design is not just for show – it's engineered for functionality. Pair with your favourite sleeve colour for an added touch of style.

The graycano dripper is the first dripper made out of cast-in-place aluminum with a food safe, easy-to-clean coating.

The dripper takes advantage of the low heat capacity of the aluminum - quickly reaching a high temperature and maintaining it throughout the whole brew process - while not allowing your coffee to directly touch the metal, keeping the aroma and flavor "pure and untouched". Through this thermal dynamic, the fruity and flowery notes of the coffee are intensely accentuated.

The V-shaped structure - Lava Ribs - is designed to help you get the most out of your coffee.

The spiral form and position of the ribs reinforce the natural flow of the water. The structure is designed to break any air and water channel that might form. The water is allowed to freely flow between the gaps of the V's and break these channels. Resulting in an evenly wet coffee bed - assuring an even extraction.

Through the asymmetric ribs, the water self agitates and this agitation allows for a more intense flavour extraction and body of the coffee.

Compatible with various filter sizes, this versatile dripper accommodates your preferred brewing method, offering flexibility to experiment and fine-tune your coffee-making process. We however prefer the incredible Sibarist papers, particularly the Graycano Special Edition.

Say goodbye to complicated brewing systems – the Graycano Coffee Dripper simplifies the art of coffee making, delivering consistent and exceptional results with every brew. Elevate your morning routine or impress guests with a rich, aromatic cup of coffee brewed with precision and style, courtesy of the Graycano Coffee Dripper. Experience the perfect fusion of form and function in every sip.

Available in four distinctive coloured sleeves for that personalized look.

Handmade with love in Germany.


Use  Brewing 
Material  Aluminum / food safe silicone base coating
Capacity Designed for 1 - 3 cups (15 - 30+ gram)
Dimensions  96mm (top diameter) / 98mm (bottom diameter) X 66mm (height)
Weight 250 grams


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