Flair | 58 Plus Espresso Maker



The flagship model from Flair.

The Flair 58 Plus takes your manual espresso to a whole new level. 

The 58 Plus takes everything you already love from Flair, with a focus on maximizing your workflow and quality of espresso right at home. 

The preheating system is one of the most attractive features of the 58 Plus and has three different heat levels - low, medium, and high - which roughly correlate to brewing temperatures for dark, medium, and light roasts, respectively. 

The preheat controller is easy to detach, meaning you can still take this machine on the road for all your travel espresso needs. 

We love the Flair 58 Plus - simple, easy to use, solid espresso - now with all the bells and whistles included. 

Pair with a medium roast of your favourite coffee, dialed in a setting on your favourite grinder, and you're in manual espresso heaven. 

More info can be found here on Flair's website. 

Includes all necessary accessories to brew the perfect shot of espresso, including pressure gauge, walnut handled portafilter and palm tamper, an articulating magnetic shot mirror, high and low-flow baskets (two total), magnetic portafilter funnel, puck screen, drip tray, preheat cap, and a detachable preheat controller to ensure you're getting the perfect temperature every time. 

Happy brewing! 

Please note, the Flair 58+ does not qualify for free US shipping. Thanks for understanding.


Use Manual Espresso
Material  Aluminum body / Stainless Steel brew chamber / Walnut accents
Capacity 90ml / 55ml max output
Portafilter Size 58mm / 16-20 gram dose
Dimensions  34.3cm X 19.05cm X 27.94cm
Weight 5.5 kilograms


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