Fellow | X Pourover Dripper Set



Fellow fellow fellow. The name says its all.

The X and XF lines for drippers are some our our favourites on the market. 

Thick stainless steel for incredible thermal stability. Fellow's drip hole patterns allows for even distribution.

The tasting glass is made of high quality heatproof glass and is double walled for longer heat retention.

Includes 45 pcs of Fellow X's filter papers. Although the X works well with Kalita waves and Saint Anthony's F50's.

Pro tip - works with conical filters. With a little careful folding - works unbelievably well. Trust us. Game changers.


Dripper  7cm X 9.2cm
Tasting Glass  11.7cm X 7.5cm (base) X 8.9cm (lip)
Compatibility  Fellow X Paper / Kalita #155 Paper / Saint Anthony's F50 Paper


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