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We love manual espresso / pour overs, steep and release, French press. And we love manual grinding even more.

So naturally we chose one of the only electric things to sell in this shop to be the Fellow Ode Gen 2. It is our favourite electric filter grinder by far! And our first choice when it comes to an electric grinder.

With a total of 31 grind settings, incredible for precision and control, however not suitable for espresso. Perfect for home and even cafe volume. Gen 2 burrs grind finer and with more precision for a myriad of brew methods. The Ode shines with pour over in our opinion.

Single-dose loading (100gram capacity) is perfect for switching out your favourite beans daily.

Designed with noise reduction in mind, including high-quality materials and no noisy gearbox. This grinder is fantastic in the home (especially on those quiet solo mornings when the kids are asleep).

The brew guide on the hopper lid is such a lovely touch.

Low-retention design with new anti-static technology, a built-in grinds knocker, and the magnetically aligned catch cup makes for less mess. Our favourite feature is an auto motor stop when the grinder detects no beans. Smart.

Includes a small cleaning brush. Never clean your grinder with any liquids. Periodic brushing is all that is needed. Best to clean out your burrset monthly.

Please note - The Fellow Ode Gen 2 does not qualify for free US shipping. Thanks for understanding.


Use  Coffee Grinding
Material  Aluminum Alloy / Stainless Steel 
Burr 64mm Stainless Steel Flat burr
Hopper Capacity 100 grams
Size  24cm X 10.5cm X 24.8cm
Voltage  120V | 140W | 50-60hz
Weight  2.5kg


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