Atoma Diamond #140 Replacement Pad



This is the replacement pad for our #140 grit lapping plate from Atoma.  Save a few bucks by using the back side of your old Atoma plate, or another flat surface of your choice.  

For best results, use rubbing alcohol to clean the application surface to ensure a strong bond. The adhesive included with the pad is very strong!  You get one shot at applying this thing so be very careful.  

Made by Tsuboman in Japan, the #140 Grit Atoma Diamond plate is the industry standard for truing whetstones.  Used with lots of water, the durable monocrystaline diamonds scrub the surface of coarser whetstones to create a flat surface in little time. We recommend not using this as a sharpening stone as this will wear the diamond coating off.


Dimension  210mm X 75mm X 1.5mm
Material  Monocrystaline Diamond
Use  For replacing worn out plates 


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