Collar Coffee Grinder by Stelton




The collar grinder comes to us from Stelton. A design forward company based out of Denmark.

We love this grinder for its size and ease of use on a tabletop.

Made with ceramic coasted stainless steel, this grinder is as durable as it is stunning to look at.

Italian design duo Daniel Debiasi and Fedrico Sandri have created a minimalistic and aesthetic coffee collection designed especially for all coffee aficionados. With the Collar coffee grinder, you can grind your own beans by hand which is essential for the characteristic espresso brew. The manual coffee mill can be adjusted to grind fine coffee for espresso, medium coarse for drip coffee and coarse for French press coffee. Bonus feature, the large catch cup can hole upwards of 40 grams of coffee for those who don't like to grind per cup. The innovative lid can be removed and the base used as a storage container. Just grind and store, simplicity at its finest.

The designers have taken a modern spin on the classic design for all coffee 'feinschmeckers' and combined it with the Scandinavian design aesthetics.

Although lacking in its fine adjustment ability, we feel that the grind quality produced by the Collar is excellent and consistent for filter and french press brew methods. The larger arm lever allows for easier grinding with less fatigue and the solid body allows for a good, firm grip on a tabletop. 

Available in two finishes, brushed brass and stainless steel. Perfect pair to your slow morning Theo brewer.


Use Manual Coffee Grinding
Material  Stainless Steel 
Burr  48mm Titanium-coated Stainless Steel
Capacity Grinder 40-60 grams max / Storage 300-400 grams
Dimensions  14cm X 18cm X 5.6cm


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