CAFEC / Plastic Flower Dripper



The CAFEC plastic flower dripper combines the virtues of two of our must have attributes. Form and function.

Using AS resin for thermal stability and a clever design of 10 large flower petal grooves - this dripper allows for optimal flow rate and precise brewing time.

Plastic is perfect for travel and a incredibly economical way to start the glorious journey that is pour over coffee.

Perfect sitting on top of our favourite TORCH Pitchii's.

Hand wash is always recommended.

Includes a coffee scoop.

Available in 2 sizes.

Made in Japan.

Best used with CAFEC Paper Filters.


Collection Coffee
Use  Dripper for Pour Over Coffee
Material  AS Resin / Polypropylene spoon
Capacity  1 / 2-4 Cups
Size Diameter 95mm / Height 75mm / Width with handle 119mm / Outlet 22mm / Diameter 115mm / Height 98mm / Width with handle 145mm / Outlet 20mm 
Weight  ~78 grams / ~113 grams


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