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CAFEC / Light Roast Filters



Since 1973 - Cafec has been pioneering paper filters for the home and or professional barista. 

The abaca+ paper filters were designed for the professional barista. These have a faster flow than Cafec's roast profile papers.

In the words of Shigeji Nakatsuka - 

“It is said that taste of coffee is fixed by roasting, but it is not the final goal. To control brewing speed and water temperature are also very important.”

The founder of CAFEC; Shigeji Nakatsuka, as the man who has done roasting and hand-drip coffee by himself for years, always think “how easily it is to enjoy delicious coffee at home?” and this also becomes his dream to let everyone enjoy coffee easily at home.

“Easily…at home…how…?”

As a pioneer of high-quality paper filters, Nakatsuka wanted to find an answer with paper to this question; he continued to study paper construction and at last succeeded to develop three kinds of paper filters to control each proper brewing speed for light-roast, medium-dark roast and dark roast by changing the drying process of paper making.

The paper filters are epochal products which only CAFEC can make, who has pursued paper quality and good taste of coffee for many years!

“Want to see your smile by daily coffee!” CAFEC pass this thought on to you.

Paper, but not just paper.

More info can be found here on Cafec's website.

These filters were designed for lighter roasts in mind. Hot hot hot!

Sold in 40 packs.


Collection Coffee
Use  Filter for Pour Over Coffee
Material  Virgin Pulp
Thickness  0.15mm
Density  High
Texture  One-sided crepe (exterior only)
Brewing Temperature  92°C / 197°F

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