Arashiyama #6000



One of the most popular and used polishing stones we have come across. Leaves a fantastic glassy finish on carbon steel and doesn't clog up like a lot of softer fine grit stones. Unfortunately quite fragile and should be treated with care. Dry slowly (air dry in room temp), no sudden temperature changes (use room temp water), DO NOT SOAK. We've seen many of these break due to over soaking. This is a splash and go stone for a great glassy polish on high carbon blades. We chose to sell the version with base for that sole purpose. In our experience, we have found that the arashiyamas with base tend to be a little less fragile than their baseless cousins.

That being said, don't let us scare you. Fantastic finishing stone that we've been using for years.


Dimensions  25.5cm X 8cm X 5cm
Material  Secret blend / probably ceramic
Use  Great polishing stone for high carbon
Soak  NEVER / splash and go only


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