Aram Soulcraft Espresso Maker



Allow us to introduce to you one of our all time favourite manual espresso machines.

Aram Soulcraft. Handcrafted Espresso.

The Aram uses a unique hand threaded system that allows the user to create high pressure without the use of a large lever. The system can produce upwards of 6-14 bars of pressure with ease and without the use of large levers.

A fully portable and travel friendly espresso maker. Often mistaken for a hand grinder, the Aram sits beautifully in any travel espresso kit. Take the Aram with you without the stand to hand crank espresso wherever you may go. Pairs incredibly well in any travel bag with your favourite hand grinder. The included shot glass fits firmly in place to use on the go.

Will take any commercially available 53mm filter basket and tamper.

The galvanized steel base is incredibly sturdy. We also use the base for our favourite pourover drippers when not in use with the Aram.

Inspired by the tranquility of the mountains in Brazil's coffee rich Minas Gerais, Aram Soulcraft is the collaborative creation of Maycon Aram's vision of innovation combined with partner Juca Esmanhoto's wealth of knowledge and experience in the coffee industry.

In search of a fairer world, with respect for the environment and fair compensation for all suppliers and craftsmen as core values, the Aram Espresso Maker was successfully crowdfunded in 2016—bringing to life Aram's vision of creating exquisite coffee makers, made in Brazil for all the world to appreciate.

Includes portafilter, double shot 53mm basket, glass espresso cup, tamper, shot funnel and stand.

Please refer to the instructional manual and brewing guide before using.

Due to the natural noble wood used no two Arams are the same. But we do have a few in stock. Some have more of a browner (Chestnut) tone and some have a redder (Auburn) tone. Please contact us directly for pictures of our stock at the moment - or trust us to send you our favourite.

Pictured is the browner (chestnut) tone colour.

For more information, check out the official Aram website.

Upgrade to the IMS precision basket for a truly exceptional shot of espresso.

Please note - The Aram Soulcraft Espresso machine does not qualify for free US shipping. Thanks for understanding.


Use  Manual Espresso
Material  Natural Noble Wood / Stainless Steel Chamber
Capacity  53mm basket / 80+ml water
Basket Size  14 - 24 grams
Weight  840 grams body / 2.2 kg stand
Dimensions  22cm - 30cm total height / 22cm X 27cm Base / 15cm X 7cm body


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