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Aside from a knife, there's nothing more synonymous with cooking than a great, full length apron. Not only does is protect your clothes, an apron is a great safety tool. Any one of us who has worked in a kitchen has definitely spilled something large and messy on yourself, and knows that a good quality apron can save the day. 

KNIFE is pleased to introduce MEE-CHef. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, these hand stitched aprons are some of the best that we've come across. Chef owned and operated, it was a natural pairing for KNIFE. Simple and elegant but highly functional, the exact attributes of all of the products we stock. 

Shop Apron - This style was designed exclusively for us here at KNIFE. The colours felt very natural to us and we decided to keep it clean and simple, without pockets, for that minimal look. 


Material  Charcoal Denim / Adjustable Cotton Straps
Size  One size / L 95cm X W 82cm (widest)
Colour  Charcoal / Red Accent Straps 
Care  Machine Wash Cold / Hang dry


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