Able Kone Coffee Filter



Filter cone for pourovers, drippers etc.

Paperless filter cones produce a richer cup. Fuller body and more texture. 

We find these work incredibly well for medium bodied roasts as the lack of paper allows the natural oils to permeate fuller.

No waste, all class.

Ever wake up and realize you forgot to refill the filter papers?

Available in two sizes.

Mini - V60 / Cafec / 1 - 2 cup drippers

Regular - Chemex / Ratio 6-8 / Origami Air 

Incredibly versatile. Use with or without dripper, however we prefer it with for stability. Stainless steel is incredibly well made, but can bend and warp if un-cared for.


Use  Brewing / Serving
Material 18 - 10 Stainless Steel
Capacity  1-2 / 1-4 cups brew ratio
Dimensions  100mm X 82mm / 128mm X 100mm
Weight 25 / 35 grams


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