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1ZPRESSO is a newer company out of Taiwan, founded by a group of coffee lovers with a shared background in engineering. In the words of 1ZPRESSO, 'we develop innovative manual coffee grinders with a passion for specialty coffee.'

1ZPRESSO grinders are designed for clarity of flavour notes for pour over or filter brews, while still being suitable for home espresso, aeropress, and french press brews.  

With their award winning design, 1ZPRESSO grinders all have an external adjustment ring and a new heptagonal 48mm stainless steel conical burr and dual-bearing shaft for stability and consistent grinds. 

All 1ZPRESSO grinders incorporate a quick disassembly design, which allows for quick and easy cleaning with no need for tools or recalibration. 

The J-Ultra is an espresso capable grinder - similar to the K-Ultra, just with a slightly smaller body and lower price point.

There are 10 numbers/100 clicks in one rotation, and the burr moves by 8 microns per click. 

The J-Ultra has a silver foldable handle to make transport and storage a breeze. 

The J-Ultra grinder includes a cleaning brush, air blower, rubber grip band, and updated carrying case.

Please refer to the 1ZPRESSO user manual before using. 

Grind Setting Reference

*Starting from 0*

1.5 rotations = turn clockwise 1 round and 5 numbers (150 clicks)

2.4 rotations  = turn clockwise 2 rounds and 4 numbers (240 clicks)

3.3 rotations = turn clockwise 3 rounds and 3 numbers  (330 clicks) 

4.3 rotations = turn clockwise 4 rounds and 3 numbers (430 clicks)

Never clean your grinder with water. The brush / air blower is the perfect and only tool you will need for cleaning. 


Use  Manual Coffee Grinding
Material  Aluminum Alloy / Stainless Steel / Wood pommel
Burr  48mm Stainless Steel
Capacity 35-40 grams max
Size  14cm X 18cm X 5.6cm
Weight  ~670 grams


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