Vintage Inox | Travel Cutlery Set



Made by Aoyoshi's Vintage Inox line.

Vintage Inox uses a patented finishing technology to "distress" stainless steel. This finish is unlike any other finish we have ever seen. Truly vintage and classic. Food safe, and non corrosive.

"A feeling of age" to the stainless steel tableware.

The Vintage Inox line is a truly special line from Aoyoshi. Due to the handmade nature of the finish, no two products are the same. The distressed finish creates the impression that these items (artifacts) have been a part of your life forever.

The perfect little cutlery set for travel. Nothing should stand between you and your meal. Never be left without again.

Made in Japan.


Use  Cutlery Set, Travel
Material  Stainless Steel, Aluminum (carabiner)
Dimensions  210mm X 23mm (knife) / 177mm X 30mm (fork) / 175mm X 39mm (spoon)
Weight  102 grams


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