Thous Winds Solo Camping Table




It was only a matter of time before we started carrying camping gear. And what better way to showcase the "slow" life and coffee meditation than a small solo table that would work perfectly for those days when you just need to get away. 

The solo camping table from Chinese company Thous winds is the perfect companion for you to take on a hike, a bike ride, or for a slow walk to the park. We love its lightweight simplicity and ingenious design. Simple, and functional.

Be on the look out here for more camping gear as we slowly embrace this new side of KNIFE. The slow side, thoughtful parts of life.

Happy camping.

Available in Army Green and Matte Black. Laptop style carrying bag included. The bag can also house the expandable stove set in the side pocket.  

***Please note - this table can only be used with the Thous Winds expandable stove. This table will not work without the stove for support.***

Check out the expandable stove here.


Dimensions  60cm X 21cm X 24cm
Dimensions Folded  31cm X 21cm X 4cm
Material  Anodized Aluminum
Weight with carrying case  1.2kg


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