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Hario's conical pitcher - Part of Hario's "Craft Science" line. 

Perfect pairing for a modern tableware set -up. Coming from Japan's first and only heat proof glass maker. The "Craft's Science" series was created in 2021, which marked Hario's 100th anniversary. 

For those that like their coffee ritual just that little more precise.

These little guys are perfect for a little side of milk, alternative milk or distilled water for those precious whiskeys - your call. Kids love it for weekend juice pitchers. You'll love it for its precision and style.

Microwave and dishwasher safe. Hand wash always recommended.

50ml = shot glass

100ml / 200ml / 300ml = conical 

300ml pitcher / 600ml pitcher = pitcher style

Heat resistant glass - science.

Made in Japan.


Volume  50ml /100ml / 200ml / 300ml / 600ml
Dimensions 100ml  92mm Height X 59mm Base
Dimensions 200ml  110mm Height X 70mm Base
Dimensions 300ml  132mm Height X 85mm Base
Dimensions 300ml pitcher  125mm X 89mm X 105mm
Dimensions 600ml pitcher  130mm X 90mm X 152mm


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