Hario | V60 Buono Kettle - Copper



Hario needs no introduction in the world of coffee.

The Buono is, in our opinion, the industry standard in stove top gooseneck kettles. Stainless steel design, lightweight and a gorgeous flow. The Buono is our go-to kettle for coffee.

This kettle is just so Hario.

Class act and made for life all the way.

Copper will tarnish and patina over time. Care is needed and must not be left wet. 

This kettle will not work on induction.

Probably our favourite pour spout. A little faster than some, but with incredible control.


Use  Water only 
Method  Heat source - gas / electric
Material  Stainless / Copper plated / Brass Handle / Wood Lid knob
Capacity  500ml - 700ml 
Dimensions -  Width at base 255mm X Height 140mm


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