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Oigen foundry was established in 1852.  Utilizing traditional Nambu Tekki from Japan's Iwate prefecture. Nambu tekki ironware crafting stems from over 400 years ago and still to this day is produced in the same traditional way.  Nambu tekki was also the very first artifact to be recognized as Japan's "Traditional artifact." Oigen foundry uses 75% recycled materials to make their cast iron cookware.

We are extremely proud to be the first retailer in Canada to introduce this incredible cookware. Cast iron is the best thing to cook your food in and Oigen produces some of the finest in the world.

Please refer to our cast iron care news section for proper maintenance. With proper care, these grills will last a lifetime.

Also available, Tawashi root brush for cleaning. Try the karukaya brush for these tougher to clean grills.

This pot is incredible. Sold as a charcoal stove set used for grilling, we think it also makes an incredible dutch oven. The grill can be moved to better suit temperature using the included holders. However if using both charcoal and liquid, please remember to clean thoroughly after each use to avoid contamination. Lid has useful air vents to extinguish charcoal slowly. Just a stunning pot.

**Please note that our free shipping rates do not apply to our Cast Iron.**


Material  100% Nambu Tekki Cast Iron
Pot Dimensions  38Lcm with handles X 30Wcm X 12Hcm 
Grill Dimnesions  27cm X 27cm
Grill Handles  12cm total / 3 separate levels for exact temp control
Capacity  8.5L 
Weight   9kg


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