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Kirameki Pans by Hatsukokoro



We love pans! We should've named the store PAN.

New for us this year, introducing Kirameki Pans from Hatsukokoro.

These incredible pans have a unique "magma plate" which produces fine irregularities on the surface of both the inside and the outside of the pans. These irregularities increase the surface area to improve heat conduction, allowing the pans to heat up quickly and evenly. The surface irregularities also provide the pans with exceptional non-stick qualities and do not require much oil for cooking. With the superior heat conduction, food can be cooked quickly to maintain its taste and texture as well trace amounts of iron will be transferred to the food providing additional health benefits. The more you use this pan, the less likely it is to burn, very similar to French style omelette pans.

We love the long handles which come in handy for keeping temperature stable in high heat environments. No more wet and oily rags, chefs!

Use carefully with high heat especially on electric stove tops. Best to bring up the temperatures up gradually. Enjoy.

We treat these pans like mini woks. Heat, oil, coat, toss oil, heat again, cook. Enjoy.

Store dry and with a light coat of food grade oil for optimum results.


Collection Cookware
Material  100% Iron / Riveted Handle
Thickness  1.6mm / 
Care  Please refer to our Cast Iron Care Guide
Size  24cm / 26cm / 28cm / 30cm
Handles  23cm / 25cm / 27cm / 29cm
Use  Professional thin Iron Pans

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