Iron Frying Pan by Hatsukokoro



We love pans! We should've named the store PAN.

New to us for 2022, introducing handmade Iron Frying Pans from Hatsukokoro.

Handmade for us by talented blacksmiths in Niigata Japan from 100% pig iron. Also known as crude iron /  raw iron obtained by smelting iron ore. Pig iron has a very high carbon content, and just like most cast iron pans, will tarnish and oxidize if not cared for.

A little heavier than our popular Kirameki Pans, these little guys are incredible for quick sears. Think scallops and butter, fish and seafood. One of our favourite pans we've ever used, seriously.

Use carefully with high heat especially on electric stove tops. Best to bring up the temperatures up gradually to avoid warping. Enjoy.

We treat these pans like mini woks. Heat, oil, coat, toss oil, heat again, cook. They have a very rustic nature to them, perfect for taking along on a camping trip or throwing directly into an open flame.

Store dry and with a light coat of food grade oil for optimum results. Available in 4 different sizes, a perfect little set of pans.


Material  100% Handmade Pig Iron 
Thickness 2 - 2.5mm 
Care  Please refer to our Cast Iron Care Guide
Size  20cm / 22cm / 24cm 
Handles 19cm 
Use  Professional thin Iron Pans


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