Hasegawa | Soft Cutting Boards - Black

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You asked, they listened. 

Same incredible durability, same edge protection, now in black.  

Hasegawa Corporation from Chiba, Japan make some of the worlds best cutting boards. A lightweight, soft non-slippery surface gives you longer edge retention with your knives and more precise cuts.  

With a wood core to prevent warping, these are some of the best boards for use in a professional kitchen. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Periodic use of the pink Hasegawa board scraper is great for re-surfacing and deep cleaning the cutting surface.

These are the best things to cut on, period. Now in black.

Cutting board scraper also available.

Due to popular demand. These boards are sold out until pring 2024. Thanks for the love!


Small (FPEL 18 - 3423)  34cm X 23cm X 1.8cm
Medium (FPEL18 - 3926)  39cm X 26cm X 1.8cm
Large (FPEL - 18 - 4626)   46cm X 26cm X 1.8cm
Material  Rubber / Wood Core
Maintenance  Dishwasher safe / Non-abrasive cleaning


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