Sori Yanagi Kettle



Over 15 years ago, my now wife and I walked into a shop on a sunny fall day off. We looked at all of the gorgeous wares and stumbled upon a kettle, not any kettle, this kettle. It was stunning, functional, stylish and exactly what we wanted, it was perfect. It was $200. It wasn't going to happen.

Here we are, years later - we were lucky enough to be introduced to the distributor and couldn't say no. We love this kettle.  

This kettle is designed and made by Sori Yanagi, a world renowned Japanese artist and designer from Tokyo, Japan. Born in 1915, Yanagi-san is the son of Soetsu Yanagi who was the founder of a Japanese Folk Crafts Museum. Yanagi-san attended the Toyko Arts School in 1934, where his interest in design and objects grew. After the second World War, Yanagi-san began his career in the design of furniture, three-wheeled vehicles, and of course this timeless kettle. 

This reminds me of my grandmother's old kettle in Singapore, always sitting out on the stove, always warm. That's a good thing.


Dimensions  24.4cm X  19cm X  20.5cm
Capacity 2.5 Liter
Material  Stainless Steel / Matte Finish
Method  Induction capable
Use  Boiling water only 


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