Union Manual Sample Coffee Roaster



Designed for the coffee enthusiast that wants to take their coffee preparation to the extreme next level.

Let's be honest - this is pretty niche, but so is KNIFE.

THE Rolls Royce of manual coffee roasters.

We found these gorgeous things when travelling Tokyo in our must visit coffee company Union in famous Kappabashi.

Incredibly simplistic in its design. Green beans in, low to medium open flame, turn the crank until your desired roast level is achieved, empty into a cooling tray, store.

Although freshly roasted coffee is always best rested for 7 days (espresso) -14 days (filter) it does take on a new flavour profile when you immediately drink it. We suggest playing around with your perfect roast level. Because this is what it's all about, having fun.

This manual roaster is an incredibly neat tool for experimenting. Take it on a camping trip, a slow Sunday in the backyard, or when you just want to experience the entire process of bean to cup.

Highly recommended to roast outdoors or under an industrial hood vent to allow for ventilation. Roasting coffee produces a lot of smoke - sometimes not a bad thing though.

We suggest using it on one of our portable and durable Iwatani stoves. Classic.

Includes funnel, trier, and cooling tray. Also includes detailed instructional manual (in Japanese) with pictures.

For a roaster without any moving parts, the Union Sample Roaster spins incredibly smooth. 

These are extremely rare handmade roasters from Japan. We are blessed to have one in stock, however these can always be specially ordered.

Please contact us for more details. Turnaround time may vary from 2-4 months. 



Dimensions  18cm Diameter X 43cm Total Length  (main body) / 26cm Base Width / 26cm Total Height / 18cm Height to Opening
Material  Stainless Steel & Cast Iron Body / Two-part Cast Iron Base  / Lacquered Wood Handle / Cast Iron Trier / Stainless Steel Cooling Tray / Tin Funnel
Weight  2.5 kg 
Capacity  500 grams max green coffee


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