Timemore Black Mirror Basic +



The importance of weighing your coffee, dry and wet.

Input, output, flow rate...etc.

Don't guess, weigh it!

The Timemore Black Mirrors have been our go - to scale for years. The Basic+ adds on to an already incredible scale.

Our favourite scale for pour overs and weighing. Cost effective, easy to use, and classic matte black - pure KNIFE. Power switch is key for not accidentally turning off during those busy or not so busy mornings. Its reconfigured, internals result in more reliable measurements in less time and texturized buttons allow for touch recognition in low light and differing orientations. The weight-detecting, auto-timer has been added to the BASIC+, reducing steps and improving workflow. Classic.

Includes USB-C charging cable and silicone mat. Top side waterproof, not USB port. Enjoy.


Capacity  2kg max
Accuracy  0.1g
Dimensions  15.3cm X 13cm X 6cm
Weight  370 grams
Warranty  1 year limited


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