Theo Slow Brew Coffee Maker



A perfect blend of harmony. 

Japanese minimalism with Western elegance. Designed for Stelton by Canadian designer Francois Cayoutte.

The Theo slow brew coffee exemplifies the reason we love coffee. Taking that extra step and time to pour the perfect filter coffee for yourself. 

The three hole bottom brewer allows for that slower extraction - we love these for lighter roasts at higher temperature to draw out the most in your favourite beans.

We love using the Kalita Wave #185 filters, but any larger size will work. These pour very similar to the Kalita waves in our opinion. And the stoneware material is incredible for thermal stability.

Silicone band allows for comfort while serving. Perfect for 1 - 2 people.

Available in two colour options.

Hand wash only.

Pairs perfectly with the Theo Milk Jug


Use  Coffee Brewing
Material  Stoneware / Gloss coated interior / Bamboo Lid
Capacity 700ml
Dimensions  Overall height 23cm / Carafe height 17cm 


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