Subminimal Contactless Thermometer



Don't guess it.

Some of the best brew recipes come from using the perfect temperature of water. It's easy to just boil and pour, but some beans require a little more attention to thermal detail with a precise thermometer.

A clever way to read the temperature of your milk while steaming. Infrared helps with that perfect milk temperature.

Reads more than just milk. 

-50°C to 250°C (-58°F to 480°F) read out. Just point and hold.

Provides an instant read with a 20 second hold option. 

No need to wipe down after each use. Clever.

Made by Subminimal.


Dimensions 11.4cm X 2.2cm / 2cm X 0.8cm display
Weight  26 grams
Batteries  two LR44


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