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On a recent trip to Barcelona and after countless cups of coffee, I stumbled upon a classic old cafe in the gothic quarter of the city. I can't remember the name but I remember how incredible that coffee tasted. It's no secret that we here love an incredible pour over with our classic V60 / Cafec filters, but Sibarist is changing the game. 

Sibarist Paper Filters come to us from Barcelona, Spain.  

Origami Special Edition

The FAST ORIGAMI Special Edition is a filter with a dedicated design to provide the best brewing experience and geometry to fit perfectly with the Origami S dripper.

This filter provides higher drawdown speeds and higher extractions than our standard filter and much more than other regular filters on the market. It can be used by folding like a regular FLAT Sibarist filter to provide low contact surfaces with the dripper and very fast drawdowns, or shape the filter with a second Origami dripper to block air channels and reach higher extractions with the original Origami and Trunk flatbed no-bypass concept. 

The amazing Origami and Trunk team have been involved in the development, providing guidelines and feedback until finally they reached the perfect filter and full approval. 

Focusing on quality above quantity.

The goal of Sibarist was to create a unique filter with an outstanding flow rate using the best possible materials, and boy did they deliver. 

Sibarist has developed a tool that allows the coffee community to reinvent their recipes and achieve new and different cup profiles. These filters facilitate the best experimentation in search for the best possible extraction. 

From Sibarist themselves, "We seek the best quality, devoting the same care to the filter as to getting an exceptional cup of coffee. We pay attention to detail throughout the whole chain, from the origin of the raw material on estates and plantations to its local processing and manufacture. We reflect the values and standards that characterize specialty. We focus on quality above quantity. This is a product with a history similar to that of a coffee bean. Its whole process is reflected in the cup, in the form of possibilities, irregularities, aromas and flavours. We have to measure up."

Sibarist FAST Coffee Filters boast a special technology that features a unique fibre composition, which provides an unprecedented 'drawdown' circulation of liquid through its structure. This offers a fast, constant flow in extractions while retaining the solid, non-soluble particles. The results are a clean, silky cup of coffee, free from external flavours. 

The four main features of Sibarist FAST filters are the faster flows, elimination of the need for air channels, increased extraction, and better heat delivery.

These filters really do change the profile of your coffee. These are special occasion filters for us, when you get that perfect bag of beans and have someone over for a cup of coffee. 

Special Edition Origami Flat for Origami Air drippers.

Available in 25 and 100 pack. 

Check out Sibarist's instructional video on how to use these incredible filters.


Use  Filter for Pour Over Coffee / Origami 
Material  100% Organic Paper


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