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When CEO and master coffee guru Shigeji Nakatsuka contacted us in the fall of 2023 to hold a coffee seminar we instantly said yes. Not only did he bring us an incredibly entertaining afternoon of all things coffee and Cafec, he introduced us to his main kettle. Safe to say - we loved it.

The Tsubame Drip Pro kettle from Sanyo Sangyo Cafec has to be the most precise and delicate pouring kettle in our vast line up of goose neck kettles. Incredibly accurate, this is the pour over master's dream kettle.

Induction and all cook top style compatible, this is THE kettle.

Polished stainless steel for that classy look. Easy to clean and show off.

The thin (6mm) and curved spout allows for incredible precision. Opening in lid allows for thermometer placement.

Glad to be able to offer it here in Toronto, Canada for the first time.

Made in Japan.


Material  18 - 10 Polished stainless steel
Volume  750 ml practical
Dimensions  13cm H X 26cm (total width)
Weight  517 grams
Spout  6mm - precision flow  


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