Origami Air - Various Colours



Introducing the Origami Air Dripper, the perfect fusion of art and function in coffee brewing. Crafted with precision and elegance, this innovative coffee dripper elevates your brewing experience to new levels.

Inspired by the ancient art of origami, this beautiful dripper showcases a unique, folded design that enhances the coffee extraction process. The strategically designed 20 ridges and contours create optimal air channels, allowing a harmonious interaction between water and coffee grounds, resulting in a rich and flavorful cup of coffee.

Made from high-quality AS heat-resistant resin, the Origami Air Dripper ensures consistent heat retention for a controlled and steady brewing process. 

Embrace the artistry of coffee brewing with the Origami Air Dripper - a blend of Japanese tradition and modern engineering that delivers a delightful coffee experience in every pour. Unfold the full potential of your coffee grounds and savor the essence of a perfectly brewed cup, one fold at a time.

The iconic Origami dripper - now lighter, more durable, better.

Please note that the Origami dripper does not include a base. The Origami dripper can be used with or without the base.

Wooden base sold separately here.

Or use with our favourite new Origami server, or your favourite server or glass.

Available in two sizes and four distinctive colours - Matte Black, Pink, Green, and Clear.

We are excited to now have the Limited Edition Purple dripper in small! 

Although safe in the dishwasher, we always recommend hand washing.

All Origami drippers are made in Japan.

Also available, Special Edition Origami filters from Sibarist. Incredible cup quality with these fast flowing papers..


Material  AS Resin
Compatibility  Any conical filter paper / Kalita wave / Sibarist Origami Special Edition
Size S  1 - 2 cups 
Size M  2 - 4 cups
Weight  Light


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