Orea V3 Bases



Base add on for your precious V3 Orea brewer.

Perfect for travel or on top of our favourite unbreakable Kogu servers.

Hand washing is always recommended. 

Made from recycled material.

Why sell the base separately you ask?

From Orea

This was an important decision in the product design process. We wanted to have a universal mount for accessories and to have the opportunity to explore other materials. Structurally, it makes everything cleaner and simpler too. For now, two accessories have been designed to take advantage of this mounting ring - the Orea Base (made from recycled plastic) and the PROLOG wooden holder (available soon). We are exploring other accessories that can click into this ring to open up new use cases. It also opens up the opportunity for personalisation - change up the base, match your style and evolve the brewer. Romantically, we hope this also will lead to less waste, as there is potential to upgrade individual components as we release new versions, rather than buying an entire new product.

Available in various colour styles. Contact us for a pic of our selection or trust us to send you our favorite of the moment. Like a little surprise, happy brewing. 

Made in Indonesia.


Use  Pour Over Coffee
Material FDA approved Polypylene / BPA free
Compatibility Orea V3
Weight 14 grams


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