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The importance of good water.

Coffee is 98% water - you won't have a nice cup of coffee without nice water. Period.

Those who know me know my background in saltwater reef keeping and water chemistry will know that this falls right in my alley. Finding that balance in your water can make all the difference from a good cup of coffee to an extraordinary cup.

Lotus water is a revolutionary new product that we are truly in love with. From the gorgeous bottles to easy to use droppers. Lotus water is changing the game in specialty coffee. No more powder based additives that don't mix cleanly.

Lotus water allows the user to create a truly custom brew using easy to follow recipes. Found here on Lotus' website.

Although we find this best with pre brew water - play around with your finished cups and add it after to create a truly unique flavour that is 100% yours.

Make sure to use fresh distilled or RO water for optimal results. Tap water will not work with Lotus water.

Lotus water is sold by the bottle. We do not sell complete sets.

Use with the 1L Kinto Bottlit or our classic Growler, or your own preferred carafe/bottle.

Each bottle makes approximately 25-30 gallons of water X 4 = 100 - 120 gallons of coffee deliciousness.


Calcium Carbonate - 59ml - precision dropper
Sodium Bicarbonate - 59ml - precision dropper
Magnesium Chloride - 59ml - precision dropper
Potassium Chloride - 59ml - precision dropper


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