LOCA x SGHR - Ceramic Filter and Carafe Set



Introducing the Loca x Sghr filter and carafe set. 

Sugahara was formed by Kazuma Sugahara in 1932 in Tokyo, where they have been hand crafting beautiful glass wares ever since. 

For us here at KNIFE, coffee gear and the instruments to make a great cup of coffee go hand in hand with the already growing selection of cast iron, pans and the tools for an incredibly well curated kitchen.

The evolution to begin carrying great coffee gear was a natural one. And did we mention that we love coffee?

Nothing beats a great pour over. Clean, crisp and refreshing. Perfect for a cold Toronto winter morning.

We came across Loca whilst searching for all things coffee in Japan. The simplistic design, the incredibly thoughtful sustainable nature of the product, it was a natural choice for us. 

Loca pursues the ultimate coffee taste by using a scientific approach. By filtering with ceramic, unpleasant and saline tastes are removed allowing the natural coffee oils to permeate through.

Check out our write up on all things Loca care. Surely a classic fixture in any coffee lovers arsenal.

So join us in welcoming the Loca ceramic filter. No more throwing away paper filters. Bonus.


Material  100% pure ceramic / hand crafted glass
Use  Pour over Coffee
Care  Please refer to our care guide
Sizing V-Type (2 - 3 servings) 


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