Kalita Stainless Steel Dripper



Kalita was founded in 1958 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

The wave drippers use a flat bottomed design to better ensure even extraction and with the use of the Kalita wave filter papers and their rippled airflow - we feel that the Kalita line of drippers produce some of the most well rounded cups in our dripper line up.

Available in two sizes #155 / #185.

Use the correct sized Kalita brand filter papers for best results.

Made in Japan.


Use  Pour Over Coffee
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity  1-2 / 1-4 cups
Size  #155 - D 80mm / H 60mm / W/ with handle 105mm
Size  #185 - D115mm / He 68mm / W/ with handle 137mm
Weight  88 grams / 111 grams 


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