Iwaki Cold Brewer Carafe Set



We love our hot coffee, hot hot coffee. But during those long summer months, we sure do love ourselves a nice cold one. Set it up at night, leave in the fridge and perfect cold coffee for a hot Toronto summer morning. 

The Iwaki heat resistant brewer is our first choice for cold drip style coffee. Adjusting your recipe is as simple as dialing in your grind size. We prefer a medium fine setting. For example:  16 - 20 clicks on a Comandante. 

This brewer is simplicity at its finest. An affordable way to great cold drip coffee. And a lovely carafe to boot.

Not to be mistaken for Cold "brew" - cold drip uses a percolation method vs immersion. However not designed for cold brewing, we feel the Iwaki is more than capable of being used as one.

Recipe idea:

50 grams medium fine coffee : 495 grams of cold coffee (ice optional) 

Drip for approx 8 hours in fridge or on counter. We prefer the fridge to wake up to some nice cold iced coffee.

Optional - place an aeropress / aesir paper on top of coffee grounds for a more uniform drip.

Made in Thailand.


Dimensions  27cm X 12cm opening
Volume  400ml
Material Carafe  Borosilicate glass
Material   - Polyproplyene 
Material Dripper  AS resin (heat resistant up to 90C)
Weight Total  485 grams


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