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After that perfect grind, that perfect distribution, that perfect tamp - nothing quite beats a precision basket.

IMS make our favourite ones.

Precisely cut with individual holes spaced at 0.30mm apart to create homogeneous flow for those perfect espresso shots.

Please note, each filter basket has a different number of holes based on size:

          51mm - 581 round holes

          53mm - 641 round holes

          58mm Precision Double - 641 round holes

          58mm Competition Big Bang - 585 round holes in 'big bang' pattern

Do you need one? No. Will it make your espresso tastier? Yes.

We stock these for our beloved Brua (51mm) and Aram Soul Craft (53mm) and the Precision Double (58mm) and Competition Big Bang (58mm) baskets form your standard portafilter sizes.  

Fantastic and delicious pour. Competition ready or just for that perfect espresso, your choice.

Made in Italy.


Dose  14 grams / 12-18 grams / 18-20 grams / 20-22 grams
Dimensions 51mm 60mm border X 25mm height 
Dimensions 53mm 65mm border X 27.5mm height
Dimensions Precision Double 58mm  70mm border X 26.5mm height
Dimensions Competition Big Bang 58mm  70mm border X 25.5mm height
Compatibility Aram / La Spaziale / 9barista / Brua / Flair 58 / and more


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