Hario | O-VKB-70 Travel V60 Kettle - Matte Stainless



Hario needs no introduction in the world of coffee.

Coming from the Hario Outdoor Line of gear.

The Buono is, in our opinion, the industry standard in stove top gooseneck kettles. Stainless steel design, lightweight and a gorgeous flow. The Buono is our go-to kettle for coffee.

Great on induction and electric - use with caution on gas due to marking. Metal handle on the VKB series is great for durability.

This little Hario kettle version is our go-to travel kettle. Just right to pack into a duffle bag. And the metal handle is perfect for open flames.


Use  Water only 
Method  Induction capable / Gas with Caution
Material  Stainless Steel / Phenolic Resin Lid top
Capacity  500ml practical
Dimensions Width at base 115mm X Height 125mm X 210mm Total width


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