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The switch is an incredible dripper, half immersion, half pour over, all easier workflow.

It produces a unique flavour profile and the easier workflow is perfect for those busy mornings at the shop .

Use with Hario V60 V2 filter papers or the incredible fast flow Sibarist papers. Use filter size 01 for the 200 and filter size 02 for the 360.

Although fine in the dishwasher, hand washing is always recommended. Includes polypropylene measuring spoon.

Check out this video with our fav coffee guru James Hoffman. 

And this video from Hario to demonstrate the immersion style of the switch.

Available in 2 sizes. Includes a pack of V60 filter papers..

Made in Japan.

**Side note - we find that it also makes incredible tea.**


Use  Pour Over Coffee
Material  Heat Resistant Glass / Rubber Grip Base / PCT Resin Switch / Stainless Steel Ball
Capacity 2-3 cup
Size 200 - D 115mm X H 130mm X Out 10mm 
Size  360 - D 135mm X H 155mm X Out 10mm
Weight  200 - 342 grams | 360 - 432


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