Hario | Double Stainless Dripper - Tetsu Kasuya



Created by the World Brewers Cup 2016 winner Tetsu Kasuya Model Series in collaboration with HARIO. This durable, hygienic and sustainable SUS304 stainless steel dripper achieves the sophistication of cloth filter brew. It really is a dream come true for busy, modern-day coffee connoisseurs.  

This double stainless steel dripper was designed to take the upsides of a cloth filter brew while maintaining the benefits of a metal filter. The shape resembles that of cloth filter to maximize the coffee-water contact time. The double layered filter catches micro powder, but the carefully positioned holes won't inhibit the smooth water flow. You will get a rich, mild yet clear cup just like the cup brewed with a cloth filter.

Perfect on top of our fav little TORCH Pitchii.

Medium - coarse grind recommended. 


Use  Pour Over Coffee
Material  SuS 304 stainless Steel
Capacity  1 - 3 cups
Size  Diameter 90mm / Height 100mm / Width with handle 120mm
Weight  132 grams


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