Flair | Pro 2 Espresso Maker - Black



The Flair Pro 2 needs little to no introduction.

Used by many, it has been our go-to manual espresso maker at the shop, on the truck and with its handy travel kit, at the cottage for years. 

It was a natural choice to offer it at the shop along with all of our favourite machines. 

We love the Flair - simple, easy to use and solid espresso.

Pair with a medium roast of your favourite coffee, dialed in a setting on a J-Max 1ZPRESSO, and you're in manual espresso heaven. 

More info can be found here on Flair's website. 

Flair makes a myriad of options, we find the Pro 2 to be our favourite and the best in their line up.

The Flair Pro 2 also comes in other colours, but knowing us we had to go for the black. Classic. 

Contact us for to order any other models / colours at any time. 

Comes with all necessary accessories to brew the perfect shot of espresso. 


Use  Manual Espresso
Material  Aluminum body / Stainless Steel brew chamber
Capacity  70ml
Basket Size  16-24 grams
Dimensions  35.5cm X 25cm X 10.2cm
Weight  1.3 kilograms


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