Comandante | C40 - American Cherry



Comandante needs little to no introduction.

The C40 (MK4) Nitro Blade grinders have been the industry gold standard for years.

Handmade in Germany, these grinders are the top of the top.

Comandante has recently refined the geometry and structure to their nitro blades burrs to the grind performance and precise particle distribution to work best for that precious specialty coffee you all love so dearly.

Perfect for any brew method, but truly excelling at espresso.

The Comandante C40 is the best hand grinder on the market today.

Unbreakable clear and brown polymer jars included. Perfect for storing extra coffee on the go. 40 grams max.

We are happy to be able to finally bring them to you here in Toronto.

Upgrade to the Comandante Black Crank for the ultimate Comandante grinding experience. 

Also available, extra bean jars for travel or storage.

Happy grinding.

Please refer to our Comandante grind guide for more info on these incredible grinders.

Never clean your grinder with water. The brush / air blower is the perfect and only tool you will need for cleaning. 


Use Manual Coffee Grinding
Material  Stainless steel body, oak wood pommel, powder coat
Burr  High alloy, high-nitrogen martensitic steel burr set
Capacity  40 grams max
Weight  ~535 grams
Dimensions  15cm H X 6cm D


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