CAFEC | Porcelain Flower Dripper - 2-4 Cup



Sometimes something can become an instant classic. The CAFEC porcelain Flower dripper is that to us. 

This dripper integrates a 10 large flower petal design to allow for maximum air flow which in turn aids in precise flow control and a consistent brewing time. Extremely important in pour over recipes. 

We love the large option of springtime colours to break up all that matte black in your kitchen.

Perfect sitting on top of our favourite TORCH Pitchii's.

Hand wash always recommended.

Includes a colour matching coffee scoop.

Made in Japan.

Best used with CAFEC Paper Filters.


Use Dripper for Pour Over Coffee
Material  Arita ware porcelain / polypropylene spoon
Capacity  2 - 4 Cups
Size  Diameter 113mm / Height 95mm / Width with handle 145mm / Outlet 25mm


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