CAFEC | Plastic Flower Dripper - Tritan



The CAFEC plastic flower dripper combines the virtues of two of our must have attributes. Form and function.

Made with Eastman Tritan® copolyester (BPA & BPS free). This material offers outstanding durability, heat resistance, and stability. With a clever design of 10 large flower petal grooves - this dripper allows for optimal flow rate and precise brewing time.

Plastic is perfect for travel and a incredibly economical way to start the glorious journey that is pour over coffee.

Perfect sitting on top of our favourite TORCH Pitchii's.

Hand wash is always recommended.

Available in 2 sizes and colours. Clear and smoke (clear black).

Now made with Tritan, a saturated polyester - plastic, but BPA free and incredibly thermally stable. Unbreakable is also a bonus with the kiddies around.

This is our main dripper in the shop. Classic clean cups everytime. 

Made in Japan.

Best used with CAFEC Paper Filters.


Use  Dripper for Pour Over Coffee
Material  Saturated Tritan Co -Polyester 
Capacity  1 / 2-4 Cups
Size Diameter 95mm / Height 75mm / Width with handle 119mm / Outlet 22mm / Diameter 115mm / Height 98mm / Width with handle 145mm / Outlet 20mm 
Weight  ~82 grams / ~125 grams


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