CAFEC | Flower Dripper Deep 27



The CAFEC plastic flower dripper combines the virtues of two of our must have attributes. Form and function.

Using AS resin for thermal stability and a clever design of 10 large flower petal grooves - this dripper allows for optimal flow rate and precise brewing time..

Hand wash is always recommended.

Available in 2 colour options.

Perfect for when you want just one cup.

We find these brew up to roughly 15 grams of coffee really well. More tends to clog the dripper. However, with the faster draw down time, you can grind finer and extrat more. Great for making those pricey beans last a little longer. Or when you just want a little amount of coffee. We also felt that the long draw down time of this dripper cuts the acidity and sweetenss of a lot of brews. 

Cafec spent over a year and a half perfecting the 27 degree angle to allow of faster extraction whilst offering a more nuanced and flavoured cup with lesser coffee.  

Grind finer - extract faster - win win.

We love these for that smaller.late.night cup or when you have to treasure every last drop.of that cherished bean.  

Made in Japan.

Please note - that these drippers work only with the Cafec Deep 27 paper filters. Not included. 


Use  Dripper for Pour Over Coffee
Material  AS Resin 
Capacity  1 cup / 15 gram max dose


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