Hario | V60 Server - Olive Wood



Hario is synonymous with the world of coffee. And the world famous V60 is probably the king. Although available in many many variations - these are probably our favourite. 

Elegance meets practicality in this refined, Hario Coffee Server featuring its olive wood handle. The simple, shapely form of the glass server is tastefully complemented by the contrasting grain of the olive wood.

The wooden handle has been shaped and angled for a professional pour. The accentuated angle also ensures that you don't scald your fingers on the glass. This attractive server is fully compatible with Hario’s best-selling, V60 drippers. The server’s lid can even be used as a neat stand for a V60 filter cone.

Hand washing is always recommended for the longevity of the wood handle. 

This server reminds us of days gone by. Retro to a fault, classy by nature. Fits so well in so many of our memories.

Made in Japan.



Use  Pour Over Coffee
Material  Heat Proof Glass / Olive Wood Handle
Capacity 1 - 4 cup
Small W177 X D118 X H104, opening Φ88mm (400ml)
Medium   W182 X D128 X H121, opening Φ88mm, (600 ml)
Weight approx - 500grams


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