American Weigh Dual Range Scale



The importance of weighing your coffee, dry and wet.

Input, output, flow rate...etc.

Don't guess, weigh it!

A small packable scale perfect for taking on the road. Durable, light and accurate. Who needs an expensive scale?

This scale uses 2 AAA batteries (included) which is perfect when out on the road without charging capabilities.

Simple, lovely. 

This is our go-to travel scale. Great in a Unito travel kit or under the Brua

Magnetic closure.of the top platform is a nice touch to protect the weighing surface. Dual mode.allows.for precises accuracy. 0.1 - 100g or 0.1 - 500g depending on what you're weighing. Clever. 

Includes travel sleeve for protection. 


Capacity  500 gram max
Accuracy  0.1g
Dimensions  112mm X 74mm X 20mm
Platform Dimensions  71mm X 63mm
Product Weight  99 grams 
Power  2 AAA batteries (included)


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